Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Onomastica

The Onomastica is a platform adventure game runs very interesting with a cool, linguistic twist. Playing the role of a running tumbling and jumping characters, you have to jump on platforms and ledges made of different words and letters. These words are interchangeable blocks and pieces of the letter can be pushed together and manipulate to form new words that changed the game environment a really smart way. For example - you may have to push the letters E - R towards the end of the L -A - D - D - and suddenly, from complete turn into a LADDER you can climb to get to the edge next!

The reason to play the game thinking this challenging: Fans of the quirky, alternative, interactive puzzle games and high-provoking and brain teasers are in for a treat! Exercise logical thinking skills and your analytical, problem solving stamina levels, and range of your vocabulary when you try to create a solution with the letters available. Stimulate your observation skills and reactions - from -play Amid the fun, you still have to run and jump skillfully and accurately.

The best strategy to win: You need to tap into your ability to 'think outside the box', and based on the decision puzzles - Your busting to go deep into this game Flash-based creative difficult. Sharp keyboard skills are as important as you try to join a group separate from each other! Enjoy the action from- fun!

educational note: The name of the game 'Onomastica', derived from the term 'onomastics' Greece which is a branch of linguistics research, focusing on names and people.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Machine Running Action Game - G-switch

G - Switch is a cool, free running inspired, solo and multi-player action game where you must guide a runner fast-paced acrobatic roads with speed through an obstacle danger . To combat the multi-terraced ledges challenging and down ravines, you have the advantage of using a very unique skill - gravity changes! With a button on your keyboard, you absolutely can flip gravity's status at any stage of your runner to somersault into the air, and run 'ceiling' of the obstacle course. As you progress, you have to quickly and constantly flip between normal gravity and 'reverse' gravity to ensure a safe passage for your free risked running.


Similar to classic side-scrolling games like Canabalt running, arcade games based on this addicting skill requires observation and prediction skills well, and crisp keyboard operators. Also try the Multi-player mode with your amazing your friends and family, where up to 6 participants can compete in a chaotic dash exist! Gravity - who needs it? Let's flip this game running on top of it!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dino Strike

Play a classic arcade style, side-scrolling, "beat 'em up" street fighting game where players take on all kinds of dangerous bad guys to release the dinosaurs encased armor slaves are exploited as objects protected by the minions! Dino Strike is set in a strange city of the future, but was bred dinosaurs back to life underground, and are forced to do dirty work for the organized crime scene. After not bow to corruption, a former employee of the police (that's you!), Has decided to go into the underground world of tough, hand-to-hand, close-quarter combat. Your goal is to release all slaves dinosaurs from their armor, and kill street thugs uncomfortable in the process! Through a series of side-scrolling levels where baddies pop up out of nowhere, you have punched, kicked, chop, and slam your way through your enemies in a brutal quest for justice! hard work requires tough action, and you also have to whack off armor limitations of the dinosaurs. Sometimes, you just have to appear cruel to be kind!

fighting game in retro style very intense and this stimulus will be familiar to fans of the legendary 'Streets of Rage' franchise games. Like the epic series of 90 (often credited for starting start 'beat' em up fever '), reflexes and your reaction here must really fast and flexible if you want to progress to later levels. You also need to demonstrate good decision-making skills as you do not want to be overrun by an unstoppable crowd of enemies. You can brute force, combat skills ingenuity and perseverance to put into this underground world? OK then, it is high time to flash the fists of fury!

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