Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quest for Revenge in Sniper Assassin 3

There are lots of game series existing now in different sites online. There are three reasons why these games are appreciated and loved by many people. Free Earn To DieOne reason is because they are continuing. Most games end in just a single game and nothing comes after but with a series, you can expect for the next edition that will make you hooked and look forward in the coming installments. Second is because they are challenging and entertaining because some games settle for simplicity without excitement. Last reason is because the players will have a long and good playing experience which they all looking for in a game.

One good example is the series Sniper Assassin. It is now on its third version called Sniper Assassin 3. The adventure of Shawn Davidson continues in this third installment. His quest for revenge continues as he looks for the druglord named Mr. Johnson who killed his wife. But before he face the drug lord, he has to defeat and kill all the people who work for Mr. Johnson using his sniper assassin’s skill. This is a matter of precision and sense of direction.

Win Hot Rod Racer

If you are into racing and love cars, you will enjoy this Hot Rod Racer flash game. You will play as Hot Rod. Use your keyboard to control Hot Rod. Free Earn To Die You must win the race at all cost to advance to the next level. Ever level is another country. You can speed up by using nitro, which is pressing the space bar. But nitro is consumable, so you also have to collect as many nitro as you can.

But as you speed up, you should not rollover as this will take your precious time and could cause you to be in the last place in the race.Hot Rod Racer is an addicting sports game. You will be challenged not only to win, but to get the best car and upgrade it to its fullest. And the best, it is a free game. To know more about Hot Rod Racer, view official site.

It is color elimination time in Color Cleaner 2

There are two reasons why colors are great features or themes in a flash game. First reason is because all of us are familiar with colors and some are really passionate or fond about them. Free Earn To Die Second reason is that this game is simple but very entertaining because there are some players who want games that are not too graphically discouraging or painful. If you are looking for a flash game, which is not flashy or painful to the eyes, then Color Cleaner 2 is the one for you.

This is the second installment of the colorful flash game series called Color Cleaner. You can actually get some hint from the title itself of what goal or mission you have to fulfill. You will just have to eliminate all the colorful objects. However, the catch is that there is required number of movements, which means in some levels, your movements are limited and in others, they are abundant. It will depend on how strategic and wise you are to earn a high score.

Cursed Treasure 3: Protect your horde from the legions of peasants

The sequel of the series Cursed Treasure which won the best game for 2010 is here. Cursed Treasure 3, based on the same concept though can be included in the genre of tower defense games. Gamers have to face stronger enemies and powerful one once they start progressing in the game.

Like any other tower defense games, the core objective of this game is defending. Players need to defend the tower and protect the gems that the tower surrounds. You have to keep the gems intact and prevent them from getting looted. You will be assisted by a map where you can form your strategy where you will place your tower so that you defend your gems more effectively. For more gameplay information you can visit. Get ready to face enemies with great power and test your skills of defense.

Save the princess in 3 Foot Ninja II

Do you have any hint or idea about ninjas? Do you know why they are ver in demand in flash games and other entertainment mediums? If you are clueless, it is totally fine. A ninja is an individual who has mastered a particular type of fighting skills and they are usually dressed in a black kimono dress and half of their faces are hidden. There is a game which main character is a ninja. The title of the flash game is 3 Foot Ninja II which is already a second installment from a popular game series.

This will surely tickle the minds of kids and even adults. You will play the role of a ninja whose mission is to save the princess who was captured by the evil minions. Saving her is not an easy thing since there are minions spread along the way which you have to deal with. Utilize your ninja skills and defeat the minions in order to save the captured princess.