Thursday, March 24, 2016

Win Hot Rod Racer

If you are into racing and love cars, you will enjoy this Hot Rod Racer flash game. You will play as Hot Rod. Use your keyboard to control Hot Rod. Free Earn To Die You must win the race at all cost to advance to the next level. Ever level is another country. You can speed up by using nitro, which is pressing the space bar. But nitro is consumable, so you also have to collect as many nitro as you can.

But as you speed up, you should not rollover as this will take your precious time and could cause you to be in the last place in the race.Hot Rod Racer is an addicting sports game. You will be challenged not only to win, but to get the best car and upgrade it to its fullest. And the best, it is a free game. To know more about Hot Rod Racer, view official site.

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