Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cursed Treasure 3: Protect your horde from the legions of peasants

The sequel of the series Cursed Treasure which won the best game for 2010 is here. Cursed Treasure 3, based on the same concept though can be included in the genre of tower defense games. Gamers have to face stronger enemies and powerful one once they start progressing in the game.

Like any other tower defense games, the core objective of this game is defending. Players need to defend the tower and protect the gems that the tower surrounds. You have to keep the gems intact and prevent them from getting looted. You will be assisted by a map where you can form your strategy where you will place your tower so that you defend your gems more effectively. For more gameplay information you can visit. Get ready to face enemies with great power and test your skills of defense.

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