Thursday, March 24, 2016

Save the princess in 3 Foot Ninja II

Do you have any hint or idea about ninjas? Do you know why they are ver in demand in flash games and other entertainment mediums? If you are clueless, it is totally fine. A ninja is an individual who has mastered a particular type of fighting skills and they are usually dressed in a black kimono dress and half of their faces are hidden. There is a game which main character is a ninja. The title of the flash game is 3 Foot Ninja II which is already a second installment from a popular game series.

This will surely tickle the minds of kids and even adults. You will play the role of a ninja whose mission is to save the princess who was captured by the evil minions. Saving her is not an easy thing since there are minions spread along the way which you have to deal with. Utilize your ninja skills and defeat the minions in order to save the captured princess.

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