Thursday, April 28, 2016


Intrusion is one, based on the platform, side-scrolling shooter game high challenge for older children, where you have to explode your way through five levels of robotic enemies included, enemy combatants have skilled, and helicopters. You play the role of a Rambo - style, stealth commando formation, and to quickly move through the difficulties and the platform edge - filled, eliminating enemies through intense combat, precision shooting, and often causing as much mayhem as possible!

Skills required: In a great action game, fast, accurate and objective-based, you need to show quick response and skill convenient keyboard control as you guide your commando information through each difficulty level. observation and hand coordination - skilled eye is very important when you try to anticipate the opponent's attack and avoid enemy missiles, and survive as long as possible.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

God of War

God of War is an action game with fast-paced spear, dagger and sword fighting for youth and adult, inspired by the 2007 film classic American action fantasy (300) and game battle of Thermopylae in 480 history of BC. You play the role of King Leonidas powerful people of Sparta (a prominent city-states of ancient Greece), returned to his hometown to defend against aggression and defeat the huge Persian army, once and for all! To survive in this epic (violent) this battle, you have lightning fast on their feet and fencing skills crazy with leadership as a God and destroyed as a Barbarian! This game will take you to the extremes of ability to fight hand - to-hand - your fighting! Good luck Brave King - God of War!

After seven long days, King Leonidas and 300 Spartans finally he fell to King Xerxes and his Persian army of a quarter of a million soldiers. Upon seeing the brutality of King Xerxes and the bravery of King Leonidas, Zeus (the king of the gods) sent Apollo to revive King Leonidas make him into a "God of War". Now, King Leonidas was back home, to take revenge on the Persians unfortunately. Remember; No Retreat, No Surrender - That's the way of the Spartan!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Fighter Patrol 42

WWII Battle of Britain enter the period 10 July to 31 October 1940, and shooting, bombs, dodge and beat the Germans invaded in the excitement, side-scrolling shooter! Pilot a fighter plane Allies completely loaded in a series of high-octane, action battles packaging of the sky. Fighter Patrol 42 is a fast-paced, flying war game where you take on the tough fighter aircraft of the enemy in the more - challenging combat encounter.

With copies of propeller aircraft in World War 2 real - Supermarine Spitfire, P51 Mustang, Focke - Wulf FW190, Messerschmitt Bf110 (Me110), and more, this is a difficult challenge pilot set designed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

The reason you want to play this game is simulated battle it cool: People love playing this game is because of the fighting and action combat fighter pilot to enjoy entertainment on-screen boom ! history buffs and fans of fighters of World War II vintage hope will enjoy the attention to detail and cool educational pieces on each aircraft revealed.
In order to win you must make the following strategy: Quick response, good mix between hand and eye after looking around the world must be calculated guess, and has abundant reserves of courage is all the important characteristics of a top fighter pilot. Precise clicking and control as important as you try to shoot as many of the Luftwaffe planes out of the sky as you can while avoiding damage to your own aircraft.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Collusion with outsiders during the pandemic 3

If you've played the pandemic 1 and 2 and you would love this game, I definitely will fascinated pandemic 3 friends. Pandemic 3 you do not have to play alone, but can invite others to play with you, who you can invite friends, relatives or anyone interested in this game worldwide. The content of this game is that you have developed a virus that can be lethal. It can spread from person to person quickly in large scale to bring death to all humans.


As the number of deaths increased more points you get. thanks to this feature you can analyze better the characteristics of the virus. You can also edit by clicking modify the virus, the virus When you fix your means increase the damage, infection, and especially its resistance. Or remember their very smart people can quickly find a cure viruses spread strip you to the world. So you need to quickly launch the most powerful virus in a short time before people figure out how to treat it. Pandemic 3 is a good strategy game for links with family and friends. Check my blog now!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Launch the cute furry animals in Rocket Pets

Animals often or often incorporated in other entertainment media such as movies, dramas and flash games for three reasons. The first is due to their characteristics that people can connect with something recreation or just their presence makes them stand out and really fascinating to watch. The second is because of their ability to apply different environments in which to say that they are very versatile and can be featured in virtually all media are available. Finally, because it is an opportunity for producers and creators to express their appreciation and concern for animals tells us that animals can be fun in reel and need protected in real life.

This article presents a flash game about animals. The name of the game is Rocket Pets. The task of the players will be dealing with this game is to launch the small furry animals. The farther they come, the more money you can get to take advantage of certain upgrades.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I love traffic if it is moved

If you were caught in a traffic jam, can you blame the traffic enforcement agency or the traffic light controller for the situation. But did you know that, as a traffic enforcement agency looks cool, but it really is not easy. You can not commit a single mistake is that this can lead to accidents and worse, even death. Large number of vehicles from all directions in addition to the problems at hand.

In the game I Love Traffic, you will have a set of traffic lights and use it. Your goal is to give away a vehicle safely along the diagonal in a limited time. Traffic light turned green or red by clicking on the traffic lights. Play this game for fun and entertainment. It is challenging and certainly not boring. Despite the graphic presentation is not much, it is enough for the purpose.

Return the rabbit Where is my rabbit

Immerse yourself in this game famous rabbit adventure. View this game is my rabbit and fun catch cute little animals before eating the crops and make a mess on the farm. The rabbit had escaped from the farmers. Your objective is to catch them all and put them back to farmers. Using certain items to attract the rabbit into the cage.

But before they get in the cage, trying to make them collect all three stars in each level first. Order strategy so you can achieve both goals, collecting stars and snare rabbits. Activate wolves will make them run. Spring will make them jump. Containers can be used to push enemies. Bush was used as a hiding place from the fox. where is my rabbit is an addicting game to enjoy while passing time.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Take your side in Sea of Fire

Try to use your strategies and techniques in playing Sea of Fire flash game. It is a war game that needs careful planning and strategy. You will choose which side you are on, with the New Hope Alliance or with the Temple of Snake. New Hope is a well-organized society which seeks to end civil strife while the Temple of Snakes is somewhat a quasi-religion that aims to build its own world order. After choosing your side, you will start to build your defenses and units.

When built, your units will try to reach the enemy base to attack and destroy. And if there are enemy units along the way, your units will also attack them thereby defending your base at the same time. Sea of Fire is a challenging strategy war game. You can choose the mode of your war among easy, medium or hard before you start the game.

Remove the blux of Super Blux

If you enjoy playing puzzle games, Super Blux is your game. In this fun skill game, your goal is to remove the number of blux as stated in your mission in each level or better said, remove all blux. To remove blux, you simply put the same colors together. Take note that you can only slide blux left or right and never up.

A magnet will pull a blux up if you place another blux on top of the switch. As you level up, there are obstacles that either you avoid because it will destroy your blux or use for your benefit. Laser, water and acid will destroy your blux. If you drop a blux on a bomb, it will explode along with the surrounding blux. You can no longer remove a blux put on top of a glu box. Crates are useful to block laser beams. Simply use your mouse to slid blux.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kingdom Rush Tips: Make Your Move

It may be hard sometimes to surpass some levels in the Kingdom Rush games. There are instances that you run out of troops, get stuck with a hoard of instigators, and the reinforcement time is not enough.  But now, you can increase the chances of going through these kinds of disaster to protect your beloved Kingdom with these Kingdom Rush Tips.

With this gameplay needing tactical mindset, you need to discern your own troops’ capacities. Know what type of troops can damage certain types of opponents’ troops. With that,  you should also firmly know your enemies as how you know your own troops. Whenever you encounter new types of troops, there are notifications popping. Take time to read them. In there are Kingdom Rush Tips on how you can damage those types. Lastly, always upgrade when possible. Your troops can at least be in their finest conditions. Tactical strategies harmonizing with best conditioned troops will make a good overall strategy.

An Awesome Series Of Earn To Die Games

Earn To Die Games demonstrated its quality through 5 versions of the series. These are action and speed games, and if you haven’t already became a fan, you are missing out a lot. Every game has the same goal: to start from one point, try to reach the finish by driving and upgrading vehicles. But of course, every one of them has its unique features. In the first version you are trying to reach a helicopter that will save you from zombies.

In the second you helicopter runs out of fuel, and you need to fight again for the survival, amongst the zombie’s zone. In the third sequel your target is a military base, while zombies after you. Forth sequel is very similar to the first one. And in the last one there are no zombies, but German soldiers attacking you. With great theme, great graphics, great powerful vehicles, you ought to try it out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Collect the blocks in Dino Shift 2

If you are looking for a game to play while killing time, try to play Dino Shift 2. It is a fun game to play where you will help the little Dino collect the required number of blocks and reach his portal. You will find the number of blocks required at the upper left corner of the screen.

There are three kinds of blocks: pink, green and blue. To get them, press the corresponding letters where Letter Z is for green, Letter Xfor blue and Letter C for pink. Time is limitless but the Little Dino must have collected the blocks before going to his portal for the portal will not work if he has not collected the required number of blocks. There are obstacles too along the way. The little Dino must avoid stepping or falling on the spikes. When he meets some creatures, he must step on them.

Drive and race in different environments in Uphill Rush 6

Uphill Rush 6 is a flash game about racing. This is already the sixth installment from the great series called Uphill Rush. There are three reasons why you should play this wonderful and fresh offering. First is because of the involvement of vehicles which most of us are passionate about. Second is because of the racing action that will take part or occur as you play the game which brings adrenaline and excitement. Last is because of the different settings as well as the levels. To further know the details, you can simply rely on the next paragraph.

The mechanics in this game is pretty much the same with the previous editions which is to race against other players using four different vehicles such as motorcycle, truck, quad bike and a skateboard. You can enjoy racing in four stages with three levels in each stage presented. The greatthing about this new offering is that the upgraded or improved game play make the whole time of playing worthy. The main website of this game is.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Games Like Gun Mayhem that you will like

If you had played all the Gun Mayhem sequels, you will surely ask for more. There are a lot of shooting games which have similar features with Gun Mayhem and you should check this out. One worth mentioning is Fight for Glorton which is an action game where you will fight against the opponents; damage them until they are ejected out from the playing arena. You can also choose your character and you can opt to play in single or multiplayer mode.

Another game like Gun Mayhem is Superfighters which is an action game where you can play in single or multiplayer modes. In multiplayer modes, you can play as a team with the other player in the stage mode or you can play against the other player in Vs mode. Combat Hero Adventure is also similar to Gun Mayhem. It is an action adventure shooting game played in an arena.

Familiarize the given weapons in Cactus McCoy Weapons

Are you familiar with Cactus McCoy Weapons? Is it a game, a movie or a television series? If your answer pertains to the first option, then you are correct.Cactus McCoy Weapons is actually part of the compilation game called Cactus McCoy. This page or portion is specialized in determining the weapons to be used if you will be playing any edition or all the editions of the game series.

There are two reasons why this page is very important. First is because of the chance given to the players to familiarize the weapons they will be using on the game. It is right to know your weapons so that you will be very prepared going into action. Second is because they also give ideas to players on which one is the most powerful as well as the weaker one in order to stabilize their performance. At the beginning of each game, the players will be using their bare hands but if they are able to achieve certain points and money, they will be able to upgrade or buy weapons like shooting weapons, throwing weapons, melee weapons and whips.