Friday, April 22, 2016

Collusion with outsiders during the pandemic 3

If you've played the pandemic 1 and 2 and you would love this game, I definitely will fascinated pandemic 3 friends. Pandemic 3 you do not have to play alone, but can invite others to play with you, who you can invite friends, relatives or anyone interested in this game worldwide. The content of this game is that you have developed a virus that can be lethal. It can spread from person to person quickly in large scale to bring death to all humans.


As the number of deaths increased more points you get. thanks to this feature you can analyze better the characteristics of the virus. You can also edit by clicking modify the virus, the virus When you fix your means increase the damage, infection, and especially its resistance. Or remember their very smart people can quickly find a cure viruses spread strip you to the world. So you need to quickly launch the most powerful virus in a short time before people figure out how to treat it. Pandemic 3 is a good strategy game for links with family and friends. Check my blog now!

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