Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An Awesome Series Of Earn To Die Games

Earn To Die Games demonstrated its quality through 5 versions of the series. These are action and speed games, and if you haven’t already became a fan, you are missing out a lot. Every game has the same goal: to start from one point, try to reach the finish by driving and upgrading vehicles. But of course, every one of them has its unique features. In the first version you are trying to reach a helicopter that will save you from zombies.

In the second you helicopter runs out of fuel, and you need to fight again for the survival, amongst the zombie’s zone. In the third sequel your target is a military base, while zombies after you. Forth sequel is very similar to the first one. And in the last one there are no zombies, but German soldiers attacking you. With great theme, great graphics, great powerful vehicles, you ought to try it out.

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