Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kingdom Rush Tips: Make Your Move

It may be hard sometimes to surpass some levels in the Kingdom Rush games. There are instances that you run out of troops, get stuck with a hoard of instigators, and the reinforcement time is not enough.  But now, you can increase the chances of going through these kinds of disaster to protect your beloved Kingdom with these Kingdom Rush Tips.

With this gameplay needing tactical mindset, you need to discern your own troops’ capacities. Know what type of troops can damage certain types of opponents’ troops. With that,  you should also firmly know your enemies as how you know your own troops. Whenever you encounter new types of troops, there are notifications popping. Take time to read them. In there are Kingdom Rush Tips on how you can damage those types. Lastly, always upgrade when possible. Your troops can at least be in their finest conditions. Tactical strategies harmonizing with best conditioned troops will make a good overall strategy.

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