Thursday, May 12, 2016

Machine Running Action Game - G-switch

G - Switch is a cool, free running inspired, solo and multi-player action game where you must guide a runner fast-paced acrobatic roads with speed through an obstacle danger . To combat the multi-terraced ledges challenging and down ravines, you have the advantage of using a very unique skill - gravity changes! With a button on your keyboard, you absolutely can flip gravity's status at any stage of your runner to somersault into the air, and run 'ceiling' of the obstacle course. As you progress, you have to quickly and constantly flip between normal gravity and 'reverse' gravity to ensure a safe passage for your free risked running.


Similar to classic side-scrolling games like Canabalt running, arcade games based on this addicting skill requires observation and prediction skills well, and crisp keyboard operators. Also try the Multi-player mode with your amazing your friends and family, where up to 6 participants can compete in a chaotic dash exist! Gravity - who needs it? Let's flip this game running on top of it!

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