Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Colorful Eggs Pokemon Game Online

Magic Eggs: Help the little Pokemon Pikachu to save the chicken falls in the fun and addicting game Pokemon. When Pikachu touched the ball with his head, cracking eggs and a chicken drops out. Your task is to keep the ball in the air. Try to catch all the chickens because they are each worth 10 points. Hit all the eggs to continue to the next level. When increasing the degree of difficulty in the game's fast-paced, human eggs in number, so you can quickly. Do not forget to keep the ball in the air! Pokemon Good luck!

How to play: Use your mouse to move left and right at the Pokemon Pikachu. Keep the ball (red and white) in the air to beat the eggs. When it hits an egg, a chicken drops out. Try to catch chickens and earn 10 points. To keep the ball in the air, or to catch a chicken, you just touch it with the first Pokemon.

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