Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Luna Chronicles

Glasses stolen. Orcs and Goblins steeped in the frenzied slaughter. Both regions to be crazy. All will not 1 bit interesting in the idyllic world of Luna, as it makes you personally directed the conquests deep darkness to assassinate him his own blood, Erega. Gather your courage whole, strengthening the ranks of heroes in the team, and hone intellectual face of depravity forces in the big adventure to show mental strength and muscle both your muscles!
The highlights.

* Demonstrate your tactical skills.
Tactical flexibility means your winning depends on the skill and ingenuity, not simply rely on luck
* Control Battle
• Play a key role in the tactical combat soldiers in your team! You will determine the ability and the time when they are used.

Construction - battle plan
• Personalize fighting ranks of the squad with special networks to get additional bonuses to attack and fight off the enemy's strategy!

* Be the commanders that you want to become.
• Choose your playing style between Offensive, Defensive and balance, or even can select automatic mode three different fight!

* Please set your ranks.
• A group of knights heterochromatic, Kunoichi, Battle Pandas, She-serpents, and so much more are waiting for your command. Upgrade and strength of the warriors turned their enemies can not stop!

*Test and Mixing
• Imagine yourself as a defensive fighter with the ability to heal itself? Creation of hybrid classes using Skill Books provide more spells and powers for their fighters beyond their expertise!

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