Friday, July 1, 2016

Fairy's Cafe


Welcome to Cafe.Wanted Fairy has delicious food and watering ??? Nice looking Koreans are waiting to serve good food.

Fairy Cafe is a new cafe, opened his fairy door.Help to serve customers quickly and efficiently in time management games this! Touch and drag their clients sitting in a chair.

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Ask yourself by tapping on the corresponding table and then passing the orders to cope and dish out some of the food and service, but to customers.Collect fairy money can only take two orders for each turn.

Fairy Cafe is an easy and fun for customers game.Make happy by serving food during your .test speed and strategic planning !!!

Move faster does not make customers wait, impatient customers will move away from the cafe in less time. Help fairy to serve fast food convenience and efficiency, to keep them from going out dissatisfied.

Key features

* Fun and addicting game.
* Enjoy simple and unlimited game with stunning graphics and realistic sound effects.
* Make money from customers for better service and increasing your money.
* Test your speed ability.
* Satisfy customers by serving good food and attractive.

Fairy Cafe game is a great classic and new

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